10 Reason's to love Donald Trump

Since it’s release, ‘Fake News- Trump Edition’ has become one of our best selling products. To honour this, we thought we’d compile a list of reasons why we at Bubblegum Stuff love Donald Trump.


  1. He definitely says what he thinks. There’s no filter there. It provides everyone with a bit of laugh. If only he wasn’t the head of the most influential country in the world *sigh*.
  2. Arguably the pinnacle of his career, that iconic Home Alone 2 cameo.
  3. He’s given a lot of jobs to individuals not usually seen in US political circles. Saying that he also keeps on bringing out that famous catchphrase of his “you’re fired”.
  4. That blonde mess of a comb over, need we say more?
  5. His erratic comments and remarks have made it possible for us to make a game out of it. Not sure if that’s allowed as a reason but…
  6. His emotional rants and adult tantrums on Twitter are always entertaining. No celeb or politician is safe from The Donald.
  7. He encourages and promotes the use of American companies. After all, he has single-handily kept the fake tan industry in business.
  8. His glamorous MIA wife is a strong campaigner against cyber bullying. The irony.
  9. He’s definitely a man of his word. Unfortunately.
  10. Yeah, we’ve run out. Sorry, we really tried…

  Are you a fellow Trump lover? Sort the fake news from the fiction with the ultimate fan card game, ‘Fake News- Trump Edition’.

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