Bubblegum Stuff: Our Weird Crushes

When we were developing our new card game ‘Weird Crushes - British Hunks’ in our London Head Office, we couldn’t stop comparing (and judging) each others secret crushes. There were heated debates as to who would make the cut. So our design team decided to compile our secret heartthrobs into one list. So here goes nothing…


CEO and co-creator of the game: Courtney 

Ed Miliband is definitely my favourite card. His smoulder gets me every time. Unfortunately, we didn’t include him eating a bacon sandwich.


Designer and co-creator of the game: Marty 

My secret crush has got to be The Schofe. He’s got the best personality and his banter’s on point. Who could resist the Silver Fox.


Designer: George 

Noel Edmonds is a great addition to the pack. He’s such a weird choice.


Designer Intern: Jake

I’m going to have to go for Ainsley Harriott. Apart from being the ultimate meme, he’s a funny guy. That photo just sums him up.


Did your guilty crush make it into the final list of 55 hunks? There’s only one way to find out. Grab a pack and battle it out with your friends to determine who is the ultimate Weird Crush. Perfect for those cosy nights in. Or why not turn it into a drinking game? You didn’t hear that from us though.

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