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It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Oh, no. Because, here at Bubblegum Stuff, we’ve put together a list of card games for 2 or more players that are a sure-fire way of passing the time. We’ve got celebrity quizzes, a name the animal quiz and even an educational game. These are funny games to play with your mates over a Zoom call that take less time to learn than a Tik Tok dance.

We’re hoping that Kim and Kanye can reconcile their differences. But if not, at least they’ll remain in the public consciousness, albeit as separate brands, through our two card games - Card Dashing and Kanye News Game - as well as their high profile careers in TV, music and fashion…
We’ve put together a list of our top 10 best Secret Santa gift ideas in celebration of our favourite time of year. It just so happens they’re all designed and made by Bubblegum Stuff. But that’s purely a coincidence - there’s no Eurovision-style judging going on here.

JOMO describes the pleasure in taking a break from social activity - especially social media - to enjoy personal time. It’s the total antithesis of the old idea of being fearful about missing out on those nights in the pub. You know, the ones where you drink endless Jägerbombs and wake up the following morning on your sofa, cold, alone, and covered in a toxic mix of shame and last night’s kebab.

With some completely baffling new lockdown rules to get our heads around, we just decided to lock ourselves away for the entire month and get stuck into some lockdown gifts, rather than bucket loads of booze. (Something that wasn’t easy, considering there were a couple of lockdown birthdays at Bubblegum Stuff!)

Roughly speaking, millennials are people born between 1981 and 1996. There’s probably a bit of wiggle room either way but that’s the Wikipedia definition of it. That means the age range of a millennial is between 24 and 39 years of age - that’s from Bella Hadid to Beyoncé.

Here’s a little guide to some emojis. More specifically, those you really don’t want to send to your Mum. They might look innocent but the world of sexting has created alternative meanings behind those little emoticons.

Warning: crude references coming up…