7 Best Games to Play On Christmas Day

These are not only good games for Christmas, but they’ll also keep you entertained all year!

best games to play on christmas day

What are the best games to play on Christmas Day? It’s a question that divides opinion. And the answer won’t be limited to just a few options. That’s because people spend Christmas with all different types of people, from family to friends and even roommates. What’s a good game for Christmas with your foul-mouthed pal from uni, probably won’t be equally enjoyed by your gran.👵

So what we’ve done is gather the best games to play on Christmas Day categorised depending on who you’re playing with. We’ve listed the best Christmas games for families, the best Christmas board games, the best games to play at Christmas dinner, and the best Christmas party games. In total, there are seven games that are guaranteed to make your big day go with a bang!

Best Christmas Games for Families

20 Second Showdown

20 second showdown game

20 Second Showdown is a two-team head-to-head shootout of fast, furious, and ridiculous challenges. The team that goes first has 20 seconds to draw a card, complete the challenge and flip the timer. Then it’s over to the other team to do the same before the time runs out. And when it does finally run out, the team whose turn it is loses!

What adds to the tension in this one is the noise the time makes as precious seconds tick away when you’re trying to complete a task.⏳

20 Second Showdown is great for a Kids vs. Adults scenario, where parents, grandparents, aunties, and uncles can pit their skills against the younger generation for family bragging rights. Get your copy from Big Potato’s website today!

Best Christmas Board Games

Death By Coconuts

death by coconuts board game

Death By Coconuts is a death stats betting race of risk and reward for up to eight players. The aim of the game is to get from one side of the board to the other by successfully and consistently betting on the most deadly causes of death – out of three per round.

This game contains some wild, wacky, and downright shocking ways to die – including extreme selfies and accidents playing Pokémon Go! So it’s nowhere near as easy as you think. 

You’ve also got to look out for Snakes & Ladders style shortcuts and trapdoors that can help or hinder you on your way to the finish. Your biggest asset in this game, though? That’s your ability to back your knowledge and bet big at the right time to make it count.

Death By Coconuts was fully funded by Kickstarter and is available direct from our website.


wavelength board game

Wavelength is a party game where two teams compete to read each other’s minds. It’s a thrilling experience of talking and thinking and high fiving that anyone can play. But it also has some of that deep word game sorcery, where your decisions feel tense, strategic, and meaningful.

When your team guesses right, it feels like you’ve performed a magic trick together. Success feels fantastic – like you’ve really achieved something (not just something within the confines of a board game 😏).

Wavelength’s theme is telepathy, but it’s secretly all about empathy. To win, your team will have to figure out how each of you thinks about the world. And talking through that will lead to some oddly profound discussions for a Christmas Day. 🤔

Check out Wavelength at Amazon.

Best Games to Play at Christmas Dinner

When thinking of the best games to play on Christmas Day, we were very conscious of the impact of Christmas dinner. A Christmas meal can contain well over 2000 calories, which has been known to KO even the most enthusiastic gamer. So we’ve listed a game that caters to those who can no longer move under their own steam and a game that deliberately forces you to get up and get active!💃

Play Your Number

play your number card game

Play Your Number is ideal for keeping the grey cells ticking over when you’ve just consumed your body weight in gravy. Simply draw number cards to match your phone number and answer questions – where numbers are always the answer – using digits from your number.

You might know the answer to the question but not have the right digits in your hand. If that’s the case, try your best to get as close as you can with the numbers you have. And if you’re not sure, guess!🤔

You get points if you get the answer right or if you’re closest to the correct answer. The winner is the one with the most points after 12 question cards have been played.

Pick up Play Your Number from Ginger Fox.

Beat That!

beat that party game

Beat That! is a good game for Christmas Day slumps. We’d even recommend playing it between courses to aid digestion. It’s billed as “the bonkers battle of wacky challenges” and it certainly is that.

The aim of the game is to collect as many points as possible by betting on your ability to successfully complete a series of ridiculous challenges using an assortment of seemingly random objects. All players attempt the exact same challenges – it’s the ultimate battle of abilities!

Beat That! is great for kids and adults alike – we could’ve put it in the Best Christmas Games for Families category – and it’s guaranteed to deliver a bucket load of laughter. We played it at the Bubblegum Stuff Christmas party a few years back and it’s been a firm favorite ever since.

Beat That! is available from Amazon.

Best Christmas Party Games

It wouldn’t be a proper list of the best games to play on Christmas Day if we didn’t include a couple for when everyone’s bounced back from the post-turkey tiredness 🥱 and are ready to get merry.😵‍💫

Truth Or Drink

Truth or drink party game

Truth or Drink is built around asking intensely personal questions of your mates. The result? Well, once you get past the overwhelming awkwardness of actually asking some of the questions out loud, you get to know them even better, and on the most intimate level.

When asked a question, you’ve got to choose between two options: either answer truthfully or drink. The beauty of that is, you either get to share and hear some pretty daft stories, thoughts, and feelings, or you get to all get drunk together! Which pretty much covers what Christmas is all about, doesn’t it?

You can pick up Truth Or Drink from our website.

Drink Is The Answer

drink is the answer party game

Drink Is The Answer is the trivia party game for drinkers, not thinkers. Questions are divided into four multiple-choice categories: A, B, or C; True or False; Colors; and Numbers – each with a corresponding shot glass. When asked a question, grab the shot glass from that category and pour your drink to the line that matches your answer.

Now here’s where it gets interesting… If you get the answer right, you get to nominate another player to down the shot. Get it wrong, though, and it’s you that’s got to neck it. Drink Is The Answer takes no prisoners – that’s what makes it a good game for Christmas with your mates (or if your gran is particularly spiteful!).

The winner is the first to 10 points. But beware, the more you have to drink, the harder your brain will have to work to figure out the correct answers. It’s a viscious cycle that could lead to some pretty 🌶️ hangovers on Boxing Day!

So, if you want a 🔥 Christmas Day, pick up a copy of Drink Is The Answer today.

There you have it, the seven best games to play on Christmas Day. We hope you love playing these as much as we do. And whoever you spend your festive season with, from our chosen family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas… you filthy animals!

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