Far from usual

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We’re a small gift and games company based in London. We’re all about spreading a bit of fun through our pop culture products that are a little out of the ordinary.

Girl Power

Millennial AF

all the beer

🌱 For Plants 🌱

Treat your leafy friends today

Plant life support

Waters plants for up to 7 days

Plant name badges

Reusable name tags, made from 100% recycled materials
👼 For the little ones in your life 🍼
Baby Products

When we made these bottles we broke the mould. Well, actually, we didn’t. But, these milk bottles for babies are still pretty unique.

🐱 For your furry friends 🐈
Cat Products

Cat birthday coming up? Don’t disappoint your fur baby. Get them the purr-fect gift…

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See something you like? Don’t keep it to yourself. Visit our trade page to view our catalogues. If you're interested in stocking our products just submit the trade enquiry form and we’ll see about getting our products from the shelves in our warehouse to the shelves in your store (or e-shelves if you’re strictly online).


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