Bubblegum Stuff x Cut Games

We’re now distributing the games of the hugely popular digital content creator

At Bubblegum Stuff we’re always looking to collaborate with talented people. So when the opportunity to distribute for the fantastic Cut Games, we jumped at the chance.

Who are Cut Games?!

Primarily, Cut is a group of digital storytellers. Through their YouTube channel which has over 11 million subscribers, they pose funny, awkward (check out this video of heterosexual men ranking other men’s attractiveness!) and serious questions to everyday people and capture the human response.

The results are heartwarming and life-affirming, and they remind us that we’re all pretty much the same – with the same hopes, dreams and fears. 🫶

How did they get into making games?

It seemed like a natural migration for Cut to create the same moments of honesty, delight, and discovery fans love their videos, at home between you and your friends.

Truth or Drink

truth or drink packaging

For example, their card game Truth or Drink is built around asking intensely personal questions of your mates. The result? Well, once you get past the overwhelming awkwardness of actually asking some of the questions out loud, you get to know them even better, and on the most intimate level. 🍆

truth or drink playing cards

And for those questions they don’t answer truthfully, they drink – meaning you all get joyfully tipsy (responsibly!) together. Which is also brilliant, obvs.

This is what a round could look like:

How many people have you hooked up with off dating apps?
Are you gonna give the real number or are you gonna drink??

Fear Pong

fear pong packaging and contents

Equally as boozy, and awkward, is Fear Pong – a game where you pick up a cup and either do one of the dares concealed underneath it or you drink! It’s a creative take on beer pong – but you probably had that worked out already! 

Here’s a run-through of how a turn might go…

You: *picks up cup*

Card underneath reads:

Without hurting anyone, figure out the simplest way you can break the law right now. And then do it.
Wear your underwear like a surgical mask for the rest of the game.

Would you do one of these dares? Or would you drink what’s in your cup??

people having fun playing fear pong

Fear Pong is just as fun as an icebreaker game with new acquaintances as it is a game to enjoy with your closest pals. Maybe even give it a go at your upcoming office Christmas party… 🥳


TBH packaging

TBH invites us to ‘Get real. Get weird. Get real weird.’ And that’s again based on the provocative content. It’s all about predicting how your friends will react to absurd dilemmas – it’s a meeting of ‘would you rather?’ and group storytelling.

This is what a round entails…

The IRS has made a mistake: you never have to pay taxes again, but in the eyes of the law, you are legally a dog.

Do you keep quiet??

The other players respond with follow-up questions to try and define the parameters of the hypothetical. All players answer the question and also guess how the others answered!

people having fun playing TBH

Not only do you get points for guessing correctly, but you'll also have a great time collectively shaping unique ideas with each new dilemma!

As billed, TBH is weird, hilarious, and never the same twice. You can even spice up your game further with the NSFW Expansion Pack.

Keep It 100

keep it 100 packaging

This game gives you the choice of playing head-to-head with high-stakes wagering or as a group to solve the puzzle together.

The content is based on hundreds of surveys of a hundred people. You’ve gotta work out how people answered. Every time you're right, your card is added to the line, making the next guess even trickier. It’s a robust test of your intuition.

Here’s a little taster of what you will encounter in the game:

A question posed to 100 adults without kids:
Have you ever touched another adult’s poop?

Now, how many people do you think said yes??

people having fun playing keep it 100

Like TBH, Fear Pong and Truth or Drink, Keep It 100 initiates wild conversations that will get your cerebral juices flowing. And that makes it another great game to pick up and play with your pals, or to get to know future friends a little better.

And that’s why this collab makes perfect sense. As Cut’s approach to games, bringing BFFs and strangers together for a shared experience mirrors our own.

The above games and the Sin and Extra Dirty Truth or Drink expansion packs are available from our website.

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