7 Purr-fect Gifts For Cat Lovers We Know You’ll Love

These are paw-sibly the best cat lover gifts money can buy - we’re not kitten around!

It's National Cat Day! Which means we're going to overindulge on cat puns! We'd also like to take this opportunity to share with you some feline-themed products we absolutely love...

Most of us are into cats or at least know someone who is. Our furry little feline friends are the second most popular pet in the world, behind their mortal nemesis - the dog.

In 2020, a World Atlas survey revealed that nearly 32 million households in the US owned a cat. So it only makes sense that over the course of your life you’ll either find yourself buying your cat gifts, or buying gifts for a friend and their cat.

So we’ve put together a feline-friendly consumer guide on the most claw-some gifts for cat lovers on the market right now. We’ve included presents for both pet and owner. These really are the cat’s paw-jamas. (Sorry, but it’s just too easy!)

Cat DJ Scratching Decks, Firebox

Price: £19.99

cat decks

This scratching post takes the form of a record turntable. Made from cardboard, “these decks will satisfy your cat's natural scratching urges”, which ought to stop them tearing your pad to pieces.

It’ll also keep kitty’s claws trim, strong and healthy - so it benefits them, too.

So if you want your cat to tear it up on the decks rather than your new rattan chair, head over to Firebox and pick one up. Just don’t leave your record collection lying around afterwards, though. Cos your cat is likely to get a taste for scratching up vinyl!

Cat Kong, Bubblegum Stuff

Price: £19.95

Cat Kong scratching post

Staying with scratching posts, our Cat Kong scratching post is a scaled-down cardboard model of the Empire State Building with a feathery toy attached to the top by an elasticated string.

Your little tiger will love living out its big cat ambitions, climbing up the skyscraper, and batting and biting at the toy. Like the decks, it’ll stop your kitty ripping your furniture to shreds. Who knows, it might even prevent them from bringing home little “presents” in the shape of dead birds and rodents.

And the benefits don’t end there! Because when you order Cat Kong, you won’t have to pay the shipping costs. Meaning you can spend the money you’ve saved on a sumptuous tin of cat food for little William Shakespaw.

Lion Mane Wig, Bello Luna

Price: £9.99

cat lion wig

Speaking of letting your cat live out its big cat ambitions, there’s no better way to do it than with a little roleplay. Pop the Lion Mane Wig on them using the simple velcro fastener, and when they catch a look at themselves in the mirror, they’ll think they are the real deal, fresh from the Serengeti.

This one has gotta come with a word of warning, though. If your kitty’s got cat-titude, they’ll scratch you to ribbons when you try to put this wig on them. You really will feel like you’ve got a wild animal on your hands. So you might be better off opting for a different gift on this list. I’m speaking from experience here.

But if your cat is into cosplay, head over to Amazon to pick up one of these cutesy wutesy little wigs.

Cat Selfie, Bubblegum Stuff

Price: £11.95

Cat Selfie

So, you’ve got your cat the lion wig, now you’ll want to start papping them and lighting up your Insta feed with hundreds of adorable photos. But, there’s a problem: little Cleocatra won’t look at the camera! What a diva. Enter Cat Selfie…

This genius little gadget makes light work of taking a great #CatSelfie. It clips to your phone, allowing hands-free snapping of you and your cat companion. Kitty will be purring and posing at the sight of the hanging bell, leaving you plenty of time to get that enviable money shot.

Add one to your shopping basket, and the rest will be Instagram hiss-tory.

Floppy Fish, PlayPaw

Price: £14.95

Flopping Fish cat toy

Floppy Fish is specially designed to help your cat relieve stress and boredom. Cats experience separation anxiety when you’re not around, so this handy little fishy will distract them until you get home from work.

It’s pretty smart, inasmuch as it responds to how vigorously it’s being played with. The more your cat plays with it, the faster it flops. But when it’s not being played with at all, it doesn’t move, meaning it saves energy for the next playtime.

Contained inside the soft exterior is a rechargeable battery, which you charge via USB cable. There’s also a refillable catnip pouch, which will mean your cat’s guaranteed to go wild.

So head over to PlayPaw to get your pet a therapeutic pressie.

Cat Whisperer

Price: 11.95

Cat Whisperer

The Cat Whisperer “meow” sound button allows you to chit-chat with your kitty cat. Nothing else gets your cat’s attention for meal times like this sound generator. It purrs out a range of feline phrases so they’ll come running quicker than a kitty on catnip!

It’s been designed and tested by all the cat lovers, here at Bubblegum Stuff HQ. So we know this thing will put you on speaking terms with Mr Whiskerson. There’s no other cat gift on the market quite like it. It's available for pre-order today, so it will arrive in time for Christmas!

Cat Tree, Archie & Oscar

Price: £27.99

cat tree bed

A list of cat gifts wouldn’t be complete without a snug bed for your cat to sleep in. We all know cats love to relax, and they’ll always be on the lookout for the warmest and most comfortable spot in which to kick back.

This 50cm palm tree will provide your cat with its new favourite spot for a snooze. It’s even got a few furry balls for them to bat around when they’re looking for a little playful rest and recuperation.

Head over to Wayfair to purchase one of these totally tropical sleep spots.

Whilst National Cat Day is an occasion to shower your cat or cat lover mate with gifts, make sure you paws for thought for why this day was created in the first place: to raise awareness for the number of cats that need to be rescued each year.

It might even inspire you to donate to one of the many fantastic charities out there, like Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, Cat Protection or the RSPCA.

And by all means, leave a comment if there are any great gifts out there that we’ve missed. Or let us know what you think of the cat puns. Are they funny? Or are they annoying? Paw-sibly both.

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