12 Hours Left to Back Plant-Based Riot!

It’s your last chance to back our savage food-fighting card game

There’s left than half a day remaining to back our first ever game on Kickstarter. This project has been a wild ride and it’s taught us a great deal about running campaigns on Kickstarter.

Going direct to consumer has also enabled us to speak directly with our audience. And that’s been a learning curve, too.

Plant-Based Riot image of box and cards

The project is fully funded, so if you pledge now it’s essentially like pre-ordering it. And that means you’ll be among the first to get hold of a copy of the game.

Also, if you pre-order a Black Box Limited Edition version, you’ll be getting a game that’s one of only a thousand we’ll ever print. After that thousand is gone, it’s gone.


Black Box Limited Edition Plant-Based Riot

We’d like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to the many people from around the world that have supported us throughout this campaign. And those from the very beginning who played a pivotal role in getting this game to where it is.

Deej Johnson and Billy Langsworthy helped immensely both in-person and through their book The Snakes & Ladders of Creative Thinking. It’s difficult to know where the game would be without their input.

Creative Thinking book

If you’re thinking of making your own game, get hold of a copy of their book - or go one better and contact them - before you do anything else.

A book that played a big part in our successful Kickstarter campaign was Jamey Stegmaier’s A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide. If you’re ever thinking of funding a game via Kickstarter, this should become your bible.

Draughts and Loading Bar games cafes - who have sites in Waterloo and Hackney, and in Stoke Newington respectively - were also massively helpful in promoting our campaign.They took prototypes to share with their customers.

If you're looking for a venue where you can enjoy a games night, that endless amounts of games and fantastic food and drinks, you can't go wrong with a visit to either of these guys.

Lastly, we’ve gotta thank the UK Games Expo as it was instrumental in ensuring our campaign got off to a great start. The Expo gave Plant-Based Riot some great face-to-face exposure to our audience. You really can’t put a price on that!

That’s our thank yous done. We’re extremely chuffed our first ever game on Kickstarter has been a success (so far 🤞). And if you do like the game, why not head over and pre-order your copy now


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