The Only Beer Quiz You Need For Oktoberfest

All the Beer, No Idea is the beer-fuelled Oktoberfest game that provides the perfect partner to your stein of beer… Prost!

All the Beer, No Idea beer quiz packaging and cards

We don’t need to tell you that Oktoberfest has been taking place in Munich over the past three weeks. From 17th September to 3rd October, thousands of people travel to the Bavarian city to drink Märzen – a medium to full-bodied style of lager traditional brewed in the spring (more on beer styles later).

Other activities include eating pretzels and sauerkraut, and generally being merry whilst slapping each other on their lederhosen-clad thighs to the crashing rhythm of a local oompah band.

Oktoberfest games oompah band

OK, so we’re being a little reductive to an entire culture there, but it paints a pretty enticing and exciting picture of what this event holds in store for any beer lover lucky enough to go.

If you went, we’d love to hear about your experience… Let us know in the comments below.

Now, being an astute and attentive reader, you’ll have no doubt noticed that Oktoberfest finished on 3rd October. However, in the UK, where we are, the party continues right up until the end of the month. (Apologies to our German cousins – we take the ‘Oktober’ portion of the name quite literally!)

And for those of you attending the many events being organised in many parts of the country, or if you’re organising one of you’re own, we’ve got the perfect Oktoberfest party game for you…

All the Beer, No Idea beer quiz packaging cards

The Ultimate Beer Quiz

All the Beer, No Idea is a beer-based brand logo quiz that features 80 iconic beers of the world. We’ve simplified the branding on bottles, cans and glasses and given you the task of identifying each beer. And if you can’t? Well, that’s why we’ve got some clues lined up; to give you a helping hand.

When all the beers have been named, it’s the player with the most points that takes home the W as well as the beery bragging rights.

But don’t call last orders just yet…

We’ve got 6 additional gameplays beyond the standard picture quiz. You’ll be tested on your knowledge of the origins of beer brands, their style, alcohol content and more.

All the Beer, No Idea beer quiz cards

Included are the most popular macro beer brands from around the world, some craft labels, and some more obscure tipples. We haven’t discriminated against beer styles either… We’ve packed in pilsners, pale ales, IPAs, wheat beers and Kölsches.

All the Beer, No Idea beer quiz cards

These will certainly separate the ale-ficionados from the stout-right idiots. But, either way, there’s always a cool, refreshing forfeit waiting for you if you get it wrong!

And that’s what makes this beer quiz the perfect Oktoberfest game! Pick up a tin today, break it out at your Oktoberfest event and let the beer knowledge-off commence!


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