Forget I-Spy, There’s A New Car Game In Town

Our new travelling game is breaking up the monopoly and the monotony of I-Spy and 20 Questions…

Car games are designed to make journeys go quicker. But over the years there hasn’t been much distance travelled in this area in terms of innovation. And we think games for travelling like I-Spy and 20 Questions have occupied the travel games space for far too long. For starters, both are open to manipulation.

We heard recently, for example, that some players don’t even decide definitively on what they’ve spied with their little eye 👁️ or what famous person they’ve thought of until the guessing has begun! Despicable. 😡

A travel game for the great British public

motorway service stations game for travelling packaging

In response to this realisation, we decided to create a travel game that was unbreakable. A card game that couldn’t be manipulated. One that united the upstanding principles of the noble British traveller and the noble British gamer.

And where do those two worlds collide? You’ve guessed it… it’s the motorway service station.

And what is this brand new travelling game called, you ask? It’s Motorway Service Stations, of course.

It’s our homage of the finest service stations the UK has to offer. We’ve scored the famous and infamous from the arteries of Britain across five categories: price, ambience, cleanliness, food outlets and parking spaces. And it’s up to players to battle it out trumps-style to be the first to win them all.

motorway service station travel game cards

The dreadful service station is unique to the car culture of our great nation, with its overpriced fuel, overpriced food and overpriced parking (if you stay longer than two hours, obvs).

There exists a true love-hate relationship between motorists and the many service areas. But what’s uniquely British is, even though they’re all crap, we’ve all got our favourites… From Thurrock to Fleet and Woolley Edge to Watford Gap – there’s a service station for everyone.

How do you play?

Each round, the player to go first reads the name of the top service station in their hand, a category and its score. Then one by one the other players do the same. The player holding the station with the highest score wins… They collect all the losing cards from that round.

Play continues until there’s one player left. That person should have all 55 stations in their hand.

Motorway Service Stations is motoring-themed and car friendly. It’s the perfect companion for those long, boring car journeys where I-Spy simply won’t cut it. What’s more, it’s a conversation starter as well as a game.

You will love the beautifully crafted images and bios for your favourite station. And you’ll love discussing and debating the scores while you hit the road.

motorway service stations travelling game cards

A travelling game for adults and kids

Say goodbye to incessant calls of “Are we there yet?!” This is a travel game for kids as well as adults. Motorway Service Stations is great fun, whether you’re 8 or 88. And like a Ford Cortina, it’s reliable, it’s stylish and it can shift when it needs to.

As Jeremy Clackson says, “It’s the hottest thing in motoring since heated seats.”

With that glittering endorsement still ringing in your ears, why don’t you pick up a copy for your next journey? Even if you're travelling by plane, boat or train, this game is compatible with them all. (We’re still working on that bicycle application, though… 🤔)

Motorway service stations of the UK, we salute you. 🫡

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