Are you ready for the Plant-Based Riot?

Our brand new card game is ready for launch

The rumours are true: our Kickstarter campaign for Plant-Based Riot is launching on 28th July. Plant-Based Riot is our latest card game for families and friends, and it’s going to be crowdfunded by our community.

Plant-Based Riot packaging with vegetable characters next to it

We’ve worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to create a strategic yet relatively simple card game. Two people can enjoy Plant-Based Riot in a head-to-head showdown, but it can also be enjoyed as a five-way battle royale, thanks to its scalability. This game offers the same experience regardless of the number of players.

It’s for those reasons that we think Plant-Based Riot is the perfect card game for the family as well as being a great party game for your friends.

In short, it’s a light-strategy, set-collecting, card-matching card game. In play, you’ve gotta work out what villainous vegetable gangs you’ve got to collect. After that, it’s all about assembling those gangs whilst simultaneously screwing over your opponents – you do that by stealing from them using action cards.

Plant-Based Riot gang cards matching with the cartel cards

Once you’ve got your veggie gangs, you can start a turf war with the Cartel – that’s where you find out if you’ve collected the right gangs. If you have, you win! If you haven’t, you’ll lose all the gangs you’ve worked hard to assemble. It’s a fun, fluid family card game that’s ideal for gatherings, game nights and parties.

We like to think it’s got all the fun of an actual food fight, only with way less clearing up afterwards.

We also think that the unique mechanic and ebb and flow of Plant-Based Riot enables younger players or beginners to duke it out with experienced veterans.

And that was our ultimate goal: to bring all types of gamers to the table and allow them to compete on a level playing field, with the hope of putting more people onto gaming.

So, over the next few weeks - in the lead up to the campaign going live and beyond - we’ve got a few things planned...

Playtesting at Draughts Games Cafe

We’re going to be taking our prototype of Plant-Based Riot for a spin at the fantastic Draughts games cafe in Waterloo on Thursday 29th July, from 5pm. So if you’re interested in getting an exclusive play of the game before anyone else, come down - we’d love to see you!

But even if you don’t make it down, we’d like to urge you to visit Draughts, if you haven’t already. It’s a real mecca for gamers.

We’d also like to give a big shout out to them for being instrumental in helping us make Plant-Based Riot. They may not know it, but if we weren’t able to visit them last year for an extensive deep dive into their 800-strong games collection, we’d have never found the inspirational elements that gave Plant-Based Riot a well-needed shot in the arm.

Thanks guys!

UK Games Expo

We’ll be at the UK Games Expo this year (30th July - 1st August), where we’ll be playtesting prototypes of Plant-Based Riot and offering prizes to everyone that pledges on the day. So, if you’ve got yourself a ticket, swing by our stand (2-832) for a chat, playtest, and to make a pledge, if you want to get involved in making the game a reality.

crowd of people at the UK Games Expo

We were recently featured in the Exhibitor Spotlight by the organisers of the Expo alongside CUBIKO Games, who will also be promoting and selling many of their titles.

It’s our first year exhibiting at the Expo, and we’re really excited about meeting our industry partners, as well as our customers, face to face. It will feel somewhat surreal seeing actual 3D people IRL, as opposed to 2D versions of them via a computer screen!

Reviews by gaming influencers

For those of you that like to check out reviews before deciding whether or not to back a project, we’ve sent out prototypes of Plant-Based Riot to some of the top influencers in gaming.

Plant-Based Riot game cards face up

Over the next few weeks there will be features from the wonderful Two Sheep One Wheat, the fantastic Small Fries Games, the hugely respected Tabletopping and The Board Game Player - the self-confessed board game addict from Denmark.

We’ve also recently been interviewed by Matt Halvorson of the hugely influential Board Game Halv. Here you’ll get a bit more information on the game and the aspirations behind its creation.

In the true spirit of crowdfunding, these reviews will be instrumental in helping shape Plant-Based Riot. But it won’t end there. Throughout the campaign we’ll be engaging with our community to ensure that we create the best possible version of this fun family card game. It will be a truly collaborative effort, created by our family, for yours.

For more information, check out the Plant-Based Riot website, which provides insight into the game, its creators and a “how to play” video. You can also sign up to the launch email, which will notify you as soon as the game goes live.

You can also do this via the Plant-Based Riot pre-launch page on Kickstarter, if you prefer to do it that way.

And for regular updates on the progress of the pre-launch, check out the Instagram page. Here we’ll be posting all things related to the game, including images of the artwork and interactive polls that you won’t see anywhere else.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for all your support. We’re hugely excited for the next few weeks, and we’re honoured to have you along for the ride.

All the best,

The Plant-Based Riot team.

plant-based riot game characters

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