Plant-Based Riot Is 50% Funded!

Our villainous veg-fuelled card game for families is on its way to becoming a reality

We’ve reached a milestone in our campaign. We’re over 50% funded and we’re closing in on 150 backers. It’s been 18 months since we set out to create the best card game for families we possibly could - it’s been a voyage of discovery.

Plant-Based Riot game GIF

What we’ve arrived at is Plant-Based Riot: a fun, fluid tabletop card game for 2-5 players that enables newbies and novices to compete on a level playing field with seasoned veterans. Being an adult won’t give you much advantage over being a child with this game.

So parents, be prepared to lose to your kids at this one.

Guarantee you get it by Christmas

It’s also worth mentioning that the only way to guarantee you get this game before Christmas is to back it. You won’t be seeing Plant-Based Riot in the shops until 2022. So, if you do want to be duking it out with your family after Christmas dinner this year, you know what to do.

Anyway, back to the campaign…

The first 5 days haven’t been without their challenges. Our small team has been spread very thin, with one member going down with Covid whilst the others attended playtest sessions and the UK Games Expo.

UK Games Expo

Bubblegum Stuff at UK Games Expo

The Expo was a tremendous success, though. It was a fantastic privilege to meet so many great people face to face, and get down to playing loads of Plant-Based Riot. If you were one of those people, thank you. Your comments and feedback have already proven invaluable.

It was great to put names to faces and actually chat to people in our industry IRL, including Zatu, Board Game Family UKTabletop Gaming and many many more.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers of UK Games Expo. You guys overcame some pretty daunting challenges to put that event on this year. It was our first time attending and we had a blast. So, thank you!

We’re already looking forward to seeing you again next year!

Flash Funding Reward

Sadly, we were unable to hit our flash funding reward. The inclusion of the central playmat required the campaign to be fully funded within the opening 96 hours, and we didn’t quite manage it. We’re disappointed that we were unable to achieve this goal for you.

However, this is our first Kickstarter campaign, and we weren’t expecting it to be 100% smooth sailing. It’s about how you roll with the punches.

Plant-Based Riot central playmat

It’s with that in mind that we’ve decided to go ahead and include the central playmat for you as a printable document. You’ll be able to print your own version once that campaign has ended, while you’re waiting for your game to arrive in the post.

Help us make some key decisions

This new week also brings new opportunities for engagement. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for questions regarding key decisions on the game. We’re talking design decisions, mechanics decisions and more.

Plant-Based Riot artwork development

We want your expert opinions to help shape this game into a classic. We’ve also got plenty of stretch goals to achieve, too. Some take very little effort, and some are a bit more wacky (if one person attempts the muck bank we’ll be surprised!). But they’re all designed to put more in the box for you, as a token of our appreciation.

Tabletop Simulator is now open

Also, if you’ve already pledged, don’t forget that you can access the Tabletop Simulator version of the game. All you need to do is create a Steam account and download Tabletop Simulator to get access here.

We look forward to playing you!

In the meantime there’s gonna be plenty more from us. And if you haven’t already, please follow our campaign on Facebook and Instagram and share it with your friends and family using #plantbasedriot to help us get this game across the line.


Roberto, Courtney and Matt

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