No More Keeping Up With Kim & Kanye

Is this divorce for real?


They’re Hollywood’s biggest power couple, and two of our favourite celebs here at Bubblegum Stuff. Which is why we’re doubly disappointed to hear the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, or ‘KimYe’, have announced they’re splitting after over six and a half years of marriage😭. So, we thought we’d mark this solemn occasion by celebrating both of these beloved celebs in the only way we know how - through the medium of fun card games.


The divorce is reportedly due to Kanye’s failed attempt on the White House. Not that she’s saying it was his failure to become the 47th US president that was the sole reason (who could turn down a go at being the first lady?!), but more like the final straw.


Kim claims she isn’t currently dating. Which is not surprising due to the global pandemic. But Kanye is yet to break his silence about the whole thing. And this has led to outside bets that he’s now dating Taylor Swift…


We’re hoping that Kim and Kanye can reconcile their differences. But if not, at least they’ll remain in the public consciousness, albeit as separate brands, through our two card games - Card Dashing and Kanye News Game - as well as their high profile careers in TV, music and fashion…

Card Dashing

Forget the Kim Kardashian sex tape and breaking the internet with nudes, Card Dashing is the definitive if somewhat unofficial Kim product. It’s undoubtedly her biggest legacy. With two gameplays, based on snap (slapjack in the US) and Dobble, this card game gives you two ways to celebrate Kim and the rest of America’s first family by shouting their names at the top of your voice.

Kim and her close family are all featured - Kourtney, Khloe, Kris, Kylie, Kendall and Caitlyn. Simply match the famous faces on either the snap or the Dobble side of the card (depending on which one you’re playing) and be the first to shout the name and slam your hand down to claim them. The winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the game.


This game requires speed, fast reactions and, most importantly, a love for all things Kardashian (and Jenner). It’s a quick play game that doesn’t require hours of reading through a rule book. Which makes it a perfect super speedy card game for 2 to 4 players. So what are you waiting for? Can you keep up with the game?

Kanye News Game

Kanye West’s Twitter is a wash with wild quotes relating to anything from fashion to facism. And it’s his sideways look at the world that inspired the Kanye News Game. It’s a true or false quiz game that contains 28 genuine Ye quotes and 28 that we’ve fashioned ourselves. It’s your job to use what you know about the self-confessed egotist to decide whether or not he said it.


Sounds simple, right?


But remember, this is Yeezus we’re talking about, and he’s famously claimed to be the voice of a generation, a proud non-reader of books and the ‘greatest living rock star on the planet’. Which is precisely why we love him.


Kanye News Game is a fantastically funny game to play with friends (only if they’re part of your household!). And, who knows, it could be a highly valuable collectors item when Kanye becomes the 57th US president and has his inauguration on Mars.


Pick up both of these games together and the shipping is free.


So that’s our contribution to the Kim and Kanye story. We love them both. And we wish them the best of luck in the future, regardless of what they decide to do.


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