The Drinking Game Where Drink Really Is The Answer…

Drink Is The Answer is our new drinking game for adults where you pour to score and drink what you think

Drink is NOT the answer… Unless you’re playing Drink Is The Answer – our new trivia game that flips the age-old phrase on its head. Within the confines of this drinking game for adults, you pour your answers to score points, making it a perfect party game for drinkers, not thinkers.

Not your average trivia or drinking game

We decided the stuffy old age of verbally answering questions is over; the classic trivia card game is in need of a risqué revamp. Not only that, but for years our poor impoverished students have only had the drinking game Ring of Fire as a fun way to get intoxicated.

drink is the answer drinking game for adults cards

So, we’ve set out four classic multiple-choice categories – True or False, Numbers, Colours and A, B, C – each with corresponding shot glasses. And when asked a question, instead of answering in the traditional way, you grab the right shot glass 🥃 and fill it to the line that matches your answer. 

Which tipple you use is up to you. There is, of course, no pressure to use anything alcoholic.

A simple concept then. Well, we’re not done just yet… If you get the answer right, you get to keep the card to represent one point. You also get to nominate another player to shoot the contents of the glass. 

If you’re wrong, though… well then you’re the one downing that drink! The aim is to remain sober enough to score 10 points – the first to do so is the winner! 🥳

drink is the answer drinking game for adults cards

Let’s run through a round to see how it might go…

Your friend: *picks up top card from questions deck*

Also your friend: “When the Pringles can inventor died, some of his ashes were kept inside one! But which flavor was it?

A) Original

B) Barbecue

C) Sour Cream & Onion

You: “Erm…”

Also you: *pours Cherry Lambrini to the A-line*

Your friend: “Correct! The Pringles inventor Fredric J. Baur, died on May 4, 2008, aged 89. And some of his ashes were kept inside an Original flavour tube.”

You: “I nominate [insert other friend’s name – maybe one that made you drink in a previous round, or maybe one you just don’t like that much (it’s your chance to covertly let them know!)] to down this shot!” 😎

That “friend”: *glug, glug, glug* 🥴

Everyone else: 😂 😂 🤣

And that kind of fun continues until someone gets 10 answers. 

We agree that drink is NEVER the answer… Unless it is. And that only occurs when you’re playing Drink Is The Answer, the drinking game for adults where you pour to score and drink what you think!

Pick it up today and break it out at your next gathering or games night. But remember to always drink responsibly.

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