Father’s Day Gift Ideas

A gift guide for your dad’s big day  👨📅 🎁💡

As a gift and games company, naturally we love any day of the year when presents are exchanged. But it’s not just about profits. We love to see the joy gifts bring to people - whether it’s the giftee or indeed the gifter.

To prove our devotion to the church of gift giving, we’ve created a gift guide that features just as many of other peoples’ products as our own. It’s all about sharing the love, baby. Especially on Father’s Day.

And as Father’s Day falls on the same day in the US and Canada as it does in the United Kingdom, this handy list of Father’s Day gift ideas has got you covered, whatever side of the Atlantic you happen to live on.

For the dad joke dad… All New Dad Jokes

Ah the dad joke. It’s hard to really sum up what makes a dad joke, isn’t it. PeanutbutterPenis had a go at defining it on Urban Dictionary: “An indescribably cheesy and/or dumb joke told by a father to his children.”

blue and yellow all new dad jokes book

That sounds pretty accurate to us. PeanutbutterPenis obviously knows a thing or two about dad jokes - as does the writer of All New Dad Jokes. This hardback was put together by Instagram sensation @DadSaysJokes, and it contains fresh zingers for your dad to add to his repertoire.

Pick up a copy from Oliver Bonas and your dad will entertain you with such megaLOLers as, “I used to hate facial hair… but then it grew on me!” and “What do you call a snowman with a six pack? An abdominal snowman!”

Just be careful not to p*** yourself with laughter 😬.

For the political dad… Boris News Game

Someone who probably knows his way around a few dad jokes (he’s got enough kids after all), Boris Johnson is the star of the British edition of our News Game series.

Boris Johnson true or false card game

The 56 cards contain quotes covering all sorts of topics. And players have to work out whether it’s a real quote from our bumbling PM or one that we’ve made up. This game proved particularly difficult to make due to the absolute garbage that pours out of Boris’ mouth on a daily basis. So making up fiction that was more outrageous than fact was no easy task.

Pick up Boris News Game from our website. Whether your dad loves him or hates him, it’s always good for a laugh.

For the lounge lizard dad… Two Faced Mushion

Two-faced is certainly a required attribute of any successful politician. It’s also the inspiration behind the Two Faced Mushion - a personalised cushion from gift specialists Firebox.

two-sided face photograph cushion

Simply upload your favourite photos of your dad, and they’ll do the rest. You could choose to have the same photo on both sides, or go for different snaps for different moods. It’s totally up to you.

But whatever you decide upon, we’re sure any dad would be chuffed to have his face on a cushion, even once. And what’s better than once? That’s right… twice.

We’d recommend against doing a young photo one side and a current photo the other, though. A sort of “ravages of time” before and after shot. That’s not going to make any dad feel too chipper on his big day!

For the crude dad… JOMO

party card game with funny excuses

But if being mean is your thing, you should get your dad JOMO. It’s an adult party game based on the “joy of missing out” hashtag. It encourages you to use the rudest, crudest and most downright vulgar excuses to get out of life’s truly tedious events.

JOMO will be appreciated by the dad joke dad. Or a dad with a crude sense of humour. What’s great about it, though, is you can always blame the cards if you overstep the line. Which is a handy excuse if you do manage to offend your dad when playing on Father’s Day.

JOMO is available from our website, and it comes with free delivery. Something the cheapskate dad would be very pleased about.

For the secret agent dad… Codenames

board game of clues and word association

If you’d prefer a more mature, family-friendly game, Codenames from Czech Games Edition is a great place to start. It does require a little more thinking than the average party game, and it won’t result in fits of laughter. However, you will enjoy it nonetheless - it’s satisfyingly addictive once you’ve got it down.

And that’s an area where it’s great. Codenames doesn’t take very long to learn, which is ideal if your dad doesn’t have much patience. And the mechanic means it’s infinitely replayable, meaning you’re unlikely to get bored.

As long as your dad likes playing games that involve clues and word association, he’ll love playing Codenames with you. It’s been around for a while now, but it’s still up there on our most played list. And for good reason.

Pick up a copy from Zatu - you won’t regret it.

For the competitive dad… GOAT

For the sports dad we’ve got GOAT. Based on the acronym, Greatest of All Time, GOAT is a sports star-themed card drafting game. We’ve collected 52 athletes from 13 sports. Your job is to collect one complete category, e.g., all the tennis players, and grab a trophy from the middle - the last one to do so is out.

sports-themed card drafting game

This super speedy game is based on spoons. And it’s ideal for the competitive dad, as it always creates a ferociously dog-eat-dog atmosphere. It’s another one in the quick to learn, quick to play category, too. So you’ll be able to unbox it on Father’s Day and be having fun in minutes.

GOAT is less than £10, and it’s available from our website. And if you double it up with another gift, your shipping is free!

For the historian dad… What Came First

For the dad that likes to reminisce, or indeed the dad that likes to show off his historical knowledge, there’s What Came First from Shoreditch games company Big Potato Games.

historical events-based board game with betting

It’s a race to the finish board game, only instead of using dice to move forwards, you bet up to three chips on what came first. Each card has two options, for example: sandwiches or the USA.

If you get it right, you move forward the same number of spaces as chips you gambled with. Get it wrong though, and you’re moving backwards.

This game is as fun as it is frustrating due to the events Big Potato paired on each card. You’ll be surprised at some of the things that are older than other things. But that shouldn’t be an issue for the dad that’s got a great memory for historical events. After all, he was there for most of it!

For the beer-drinking dad… All the Beer, No Idea

Your dad’s memory might be a little hazy if he’s a beer-drinking dad. In which case you can get him All the Beer, No Idea - a beer-based brand logo quiz that features 80 iconic beers from around the world.

beer brand trivia game

We’ve simplified the branding on bottles, cans and glasses and given you the task of identifying each beer. There’s also 6 additional gameplays where you can really put your dad’s beer knowledge to the test. These include the origins of beer brands, their style, alcohol content and more.

All the Beer, No Idea is a great beer gift that anyone can buy for their dad, because it doesn’t actually contain any alcohol! Grab a can from our website today.

For the pub landlord dad… The Taverns of Tiefenthal

Sticking with beer, there’s The Taverns of Tiefenthal. Which, we think, gives the beer-drinking dad the chance to live his dream: running a medieval tavern! This deck-building, dice-drafting board game comes from Austrian games designer Wolfgang Warsch, and it’s just the right level of complexity that it doesn't take too long to learn, but is still infinitely replayable.

board game of running a medieval pub

Dads will love upgrading their tavern and attracting more guests. Who knows, it might be a stepping stone towards opening a pub IRL. In which case may we suggest “Wish You Were Beer”, “The Handmaid’s Ale” or “Tequila Mockingbird” as potential names.

Taverns is available from Zatu, and we can’t recommend it enough.

For the cockney dad… Dyer Dyer Pants on Fire

From a moderately complex game to a very simple one. Dyer Dyer Pants on Fire is as uncomplicated as it’s namesake, cockney legend Danny Dyer.

true or false trivia game of Danny Dyer quotes

We’ve collected 28 real quotes from the EastEnders actor, and mixed them up with 28 false ones. To play, simply pick up a card and read the quote aloud to the group, who then have to guess if the quote is genuine Danny Dyer or a massive porky pie.

This game is perfect for the cockney dad, or the dad that likes true or false guessing games. And because Danny Dyer has said some pretty outrageous things in the past, this game is a guaranteed proper cockney bubble bath (laugh).

When you break this out on Father’s Day though, we strongly recommend you only speak using your best Danny Dyer impressions. It’ll make for an even funnier Father’s Day knees-up.

Pick up a copy of Dyer Dyer Pants on Fire from our website - it’s less than a tenner! Cor blimey!


We hope you found our Father’s Day gift guide helpful. And whatever present you decide to get your dad, we hope you have a great day!

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