Locky D 3: The Trilogy No One Wanted

With no end in sight, we’ve collated a list of funny games to play with your mates during the third instalment of the nation’s most popular group activity: lockdown.

Seldom is a sequel as good as the original. But often by the time the third movie comes along the star is too old, the writers are bored, and even the audience has had enough. So, like Night at the Museum 3, Taken 3 and Big Momma’s House 3 that came before it, Lockdown 3 has gone down like a nun with a sausage phobia.


It’s not all doom and gloom, though. Oh, no. Because, here at Bubblegum Stuff, we’ve put together a list of card games for 2 or more players that are a sure-fire way of passing the time. We’ve got celebrity quizzes, a name the animal quiz and even an educational game. These are funny games to play with your mates over a Zoom call that take less time to learn than a Tik Tok dance.


Excited? So are we…

Grammar Police

Grammar Police is a Bubblegum Stuff take on an educational game. It’s a team quiz that tasks players with finding the grammatical errors in texts lifted from signs, headlines and other sources available in the public domain.

We think this one’s great for two reasons: it’ll give grammar Nazis the chance to show off their skills; and it’ll give grammar Nazis the chance to get it wrong and totally embarrass themselves! For the rest of us, we’ll just be happy to laugh at said grammar geeks whilst picking up a few correct answers along the way.


Grammar Police is an educational game that not only teaches you about grammar, but about which one of your mates is an insufferable know-it-all. And wouldn’t it be nice to emerge from Locky D just a little bit smarter??

Celebrity Scandals

Celebrity scandals give us life here at Bubblegum Stuff. If it involves someone famous, an intern and oval office, we want to hear about it. And that’s why we created Celebrity Scandals - the celebrity quiz populated entirely by showbiz gossip.

We’ve collected iconic quotes relating to 56 celebrity scandals, such as:

“I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time.”


“Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.”

… and it’s your job to identify the scandal from that quote. It’s a fun and creative take on your basic celebrity quiz questions. And it’s true to say, some of the quotes have become equally if not more iconic than the scandals they’re related to.


Celebrity Scandals enables you to put those hours of scrolling through the Daily Mail showbiz section to good use. And you can finally get one over on your mates that think they’re above all that. Because, in this celebrity quotes game, showbiz gossip is king.

P. Did He?

Staying with celebrity quizzes, P. Did He? is a yes or no game for those that live and breathe rap music. Inspired by our favourite rap mogul, P. Diddy, this game contains 55 of the most outrageous stories from the world of sick beats, ill rhymes and blunts the size of parsnips. All you need to do is decide whether the story involved King of New York P. Diddy, or another rapper.


Sounds simple, right?


But you’ve gotta remember that P. Diddy has done some pretty wild s*** in his time. So separating the acts Diddy did with the acts Diddy didn’t do might not be as easy as you first thought.

P. Did He? is another creative take on your run of the mill celebrity quiz questions. It’s a funny game to play if you’re a Diddy fan, hip hop fan, fan of music or just a fan of funny ass s***. And this celebrity quiz has got plenty of that. So crack open some 40s and enjoy the true or false hip hop hilarity.

Stoner Safari

Sticking with the stoner theme, there’s also Stoner Safari. This game challenges you to think like a pothead to translate the stoner names for animals back into plain English. It’s a fun and simple name the animal quiz for when you just want to kick back with a Bud.

Any idea what a ‘barcode pony’ is? How about a ‘wingy stingy’?


In the scrambled mind of a stoner these names make sense. But for the rest of us, it’s some trippy animal trivia. So, more often than not, you’ll just have to take a wild guess in this wildlife guessing game. Cue uncontrollable fits of red-faced laughter when you realise your best guesses were way wide of the mark.

Stoner Safari is the name the animal guessing game where it helps to know your way around a zoo(t). Here at Bubblegum Stuff, though, we cannot be held responsible for any tiredness, paranoia or short term memory loss that results from playing this game.


Hopefully these games can help turn your third lockdown from a Frankenstein into a Franken-fine! After all, the Back to the Future trilogy was fantastic. As was Toy Story. So here we go then, into Locky D 3: to infinity and beyond…

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