What we did during lockdown 2.0

The first lockdown was all about watching Tiger King. And lockdown 2.0? Well, that was all about Tiger King gifts.

Tiger King gifts

What can we say? 2020 has really taken the biscuit. Between 5th November and 2nd December we were all told to stay at home for a second time during this utterly forgettable year.

So, with some completely baffling new lockdown rules to get our heads around, we just decided to lock ourselves away for the entire month and get stuck into some lockdown gifts, rather than bucket loads of booze. (Something that wasn’t easy, considering there were a couple of lockdown birthdays at Bubblegum Stuff!)

Tiger King: our lockdown lifeline

It was a cultural phenomenon. The Tiger King Netflix Original Series came out at the purr-fect moment to keep us entertained through troubling and uncertain times. Big cats, bigger egos and a murder plot… does it get any better?!

But, eight episodes and a murder for hire conviction later, we were left wanting more. Was Joe really guilty? Was there a conspiracy to frame him? Is Carole as saintly as she sounds??

Sadly, we can only speculate as to the answers to these questions. It’s like asking, “Why does a round pizza come in a square box?”

So, instead of pointlessly pondering these big questions, we got to work on some products for those, like us, that are still thirsty for more from the big cat community…

New gifts for a new lockdown

Back in lockdown 1.0, TV saved our bacon. And obsessing over Tiger King was way better for our sanity than screaming, “But, how long will lockdown last!?” at our screens during every daily press briefing.

But, by 'lockdown: the sequel', we were prepared. We were armed to the teeth with a million ways to keep ourselves entertained. And in amongst those million are these two that were inspired by Joe Exotic and the Tiger King cast: the Exotic President Puzzle and the Exotic Coloring Book.

Exotic President Puzzle

The Exotic President Puzzle is a new 500-piece jigsaw puzzle for adults. Assemble it and watch the notorious King of Tigers transform into an exotic president. This one’s a must-have for any self-respecting Tiger King fan. It can even be framed and mounted on your wall. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time Joe’s been framed...

The Exotic President Puzzle took one of our guys 4 hours to complete, and he’s a real passionate puzzler. So, this one is a guaranteed rainy day boredom buster.

And with the festive season only weeks away (and probably another lockdown after that) it’s an ideal lockdown gift or Christmas gift for a cherished friend or relative.

Exotic Coloring Book

Exotic Colouring Book for adults

Colouring books for adults have become incredibly popular. And it’s easy to see why. The Exotic Coloring Book features the Tiger King cast in 20 iconic scenes. We particularly enjoyed whipping out our pens, pencils and crayons during an afternoon and shading in these shady characters.

It’s a pretty relaxing way to relive the drama of the big cat community. And it enables you to get creative - you don’t even need to stay within the lines!

Colouring book for adults

This one is under £10, which means it could also make a fun gift for secret Santa.

fun secret Santa gifts

That was what we did during lockdown 2.0. It was touch and go for a while. But with this puzzle and colouring book, we were able to transform No-vember into Yes!-vember! So, thank heavens for Joe Exotic and the Tiger King gang in 2020. Here’s hoping they make a second series in 2021. Minus Joe, of course.

But in case they don't, make sure you prepare yourself for January's inevitable lockdown with these banterful boredom busters.

Thirsty for more?

Want to get your paws on these products? Just head over to our King of Tigers page. And if you’re in need of more lockdown gifts or gift ideas for secret Santa, you can find them on our Lockdown gifts page. We’ve got a range of fun things to keep you entertained, including card games and Netflix decider dice.

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