Gifts to Celebrate Pride

6 Great Ideas for Party Games and Gifts During Pride Month


Celebrate the month of June with some signature Bubblegum Stuff adult party games and novelty products. These make funny gifts for your friends - and they’re all under £15!

It seemed something close to fate that Freedom Day - the final rollback of all Covid-related restrictions - would take place during Pride month. Which itself is the celebration of a liberation day, and the perpetual liberation movement that’s taken place thereafter.

Sadly though, we’ve got to wait a little longer. Which means many of the Pride celebrations have been rearranged or put on hold. If you are still thinking of heading out to an event, check out Pride Events UK for more info on what’s happening in your area.


colourful party with powder paint

But if you feel like waiting for this latest Covid wave to blow over, why not bring Pride to you?? And to help your celebrations go off with a bang, we’ve put together a handy shopping list. There’s adult party games, funny gifts for a friend, and even little treats for yourself.

Pride Party Games

Weird Crushes - British Hunks

Get your Pride party going with a game of Weird Crushes - British Hunks.

This top trumps-based card game is a celebration of those weird celebrity crushes we’ve all got hidden away. You know, those guilty pleasures that are usually shut down with a disgusted, “Wait, what? Really?!”

Weird Crushes - British Hunks packaging and game cards featuring Professor Brian Cox and Jeremy Paxman

Featuring famous Brits, from Danny Dyer, Louis Theroux and Lenny Henry, you’ll never find a more geeky, awkward or dentally challenged version of top trumps.

Head over to our shop now, and get a copy for your mate. Word of warning, though: this one may lead to heated debates - we cannot be held responsible for any falling outs relating to this game. Remember guys ‘n’ girls, no guy is worth more than your friendship(s)!

Weird Crushes - Hollywood Hunks

The transatlantic cousin to the game above, Hollywood Hunks will get your Pride party pulses racing “U.S. style”.

Weird Crushes - Hollywood Hunks packaging and game cards featuring multiple Hollywood actors

This version of the top trumps game features 55 stateside sauce pots for you to play with. Whether it’s the Hollywood smile, the mega fame, or the fact that they’ve got millions in the bank, this game provides a safe space for you to come clean about that perverse crush you’ve been hiding since seeing Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park...

Weird Crushes - Hollywood Hunks includes every veneered smile, brow lift and nip-tuck in LA LA Land. And remember, everything’s bigger in America...

It’s available in our shop today. And if you buy it with the British Hunks version, your shipping is free! Ye hah!

Top Drags

Yaaaaas queen! It’s the turn of the sassiest showboats from RuPaul’s Drag Race race to get the top trumps treatment.

Top Drags features 55 queens from the hit TV talent show. You’ll be separating the glamazons from the C3PHos, and the hog bodies from the butch queens.

Slay your Judies in every category: charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, and with the competition dusted you’ll earn the kind of respect reserved only for the hottest drag mother.

Top Drags game cards showing the front and back

If you’re looking for ideas for Pride or hen party games, this one’s gotta be top of your shopping list.

Top Drags is our Amazon bestseller, and because of that it’s currently out of stock. However, you can pre-order it here. The only “drag” is, it won’t get to you until July 😢.

Pride Presents for You or Your Friend

Drag Queen Coloring Book

Cure that boredom realness with The Drag Queen Coloring Book.

We’ve brought back the top 20 girls from the Drag Race for your colouring pleasure, including Latrice Royale, Bianca Del Rio and, of course, Mama Ru herself - it’s the sassiest colouring book in herstory.

If you’re looking for funny gifts for a friend this June, look no further - especially if they’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race. But remember, when purchasing this book, it’s 100% unofficial, and is in no way endorsed by or commercially linked to Drag Race.

Now, with the legal bit out of the way, head over to our shop and pick up a copy. And when you get it, don’t forget to condragulate yourself for colouring within the lines…!

Eggplant Stress Ball

Don’t keep your daily stresses bottled up inside. Take them out on the Eggplant Stress Ball.

Squeeze, grab and twist this 7 inch stress relief toy (that’s above average!) and feel your anger melt away. If you’re wondering how to relieve stress and anxiety in a cheeky way, look no further...

Eggplant emoji stress relief toy being squeezed by a hand in front of a brick wall

This handy little stress reliever makes a funny gift for a friend. But why not treat yourself to this one?? After all, the stresses of life can take their toll on all of us from time to time.

Head over to our shop to pick up an Eggplant Stress Ball, today. 

Who says a stress relief gift can’t look like a big willy?!

Eggplant Sauce Bottle

Give your condiments a squirt with the squeezy Eggplant Sauce Bottle. 

Make a tight grip, shake it up and down, then squeeze. You should have mayonnaise (other sauces are available) oozing out in no time. We’re salivating at the thought!

All crudeness aside, this handy little sauce bottle is actually compatible with ketchup, mustard, or if you’re feeling spicy 🌶️🌶️🌶️, sriracha. Head over to our shop to pick one up - it’s an ideal gift for that mate that communicates entirely by emojis.

Eggplant emoji themed sauce bottle in purple packaging

We know these gifts and games are a little silly. But that’s the whole point. We hope, during this Pride month or any other, that you get as much fun out of using these products as we did from making them.

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