Indoor Plant Care Tips From Industry Experts

These helpful hints are sure to elevate your indoor gardening game

It’s true what they say: knowledge is power. But worthwhile knowledge isn’t easy to come by.

And that’s why at Bubblegum Stuff we condensed years of horticultural knowledge into our 30 handy Houseplant Care Tags - we wanted to pass that knowledge on to you in the most convenient way possible.

Houseplant care tags in plant pots

Those of you that are regular readers of this blog will know, we’re all about responding to pop culture trends by creating smart and inventive products. And our plant-based range is no exception.

Take the universally popular Plant Life Support, for example. It’s a mash-up between IV drip and plant self-waterer. And it solves a problem that plagues newbie home horticulturalists the world over: overwatering.

Plant life support in plant pot

That’s right. It’s not underwatering that’s killing your parlor palm. But don’t despair, overwatering is a classic symptom of caring too much. So in a way, you should be proud.

And it’s that level of care that seems to be so common in plant parents that inspired us to create Plant Name Badges.

Made from 100% recycled plastic, these reusable name tags enable you to give your houseplants cute names and properly welcome them into the family.

Insert into the soil right next to little Keanu Leaves, Tree Diddy, and Elvis Parsley, and you’ll be on first-name terms in no time. They do say talking to your plants makes them grow. And there’s no better way to break the ice than with the Plant Name Badges.

plant name badge in plant pot

But what if I’m looking for more expert help, you say?

Well, it just so happens we were recently featured in a Redfin blog post that contains 14 expert indoor plant care tips from some of the biggest names in houseplants.

Which, in a way, makes us experts, doesn’t it?!

But all that aside, these tips are pretty definitive. There’s advice on how to combat the spread of pests or diseases from one plant to another. There are handy hints on understanding the individual needs of your plants.

And you should keep a special lookout for the one on the importance of removing dust from the leaves of your plants - no prizes for guessing who supplied that one!

Admittedly, many of the tips are covered in the Houseplant Care Tags. But it’s always beneficial to see what the experts think, isn’t it?

Anyway, that’s enough from us. Happy Monday plant parents.

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