Plant-Based Riot: The Story

Everything you need to know about the colourful characters that populate our game on Kickstarter

We know you’re hungry for more information on the gangs, the thieves, the security, the snitches, and that shadowy and ruthless Cartel that makes Plant-Based Riot such a savage food-fighting card game.

When you put a game on Kickstarter, there’s only so much info you can include without it becoming pure data overload. And that’s why we’ve put it here for you to enjoy.

So here’s the definitive backstory. The tale of the tape that tells you why each gang has heavy beef with another; why there’s a full fruit salad of rotten thieves that just love stealing; why Mr. Pickle is out to destroy the protection racket; and why we know very little about the shadowy but all-powerful Cartel.

In the criminal world of villainous vegetables, there’s a power struggle going down. Ten gangs of terrible edibles are vying for control and looking to knock over the powerful, faceless Cart-el, whose rule of the criminal racket is long past its use-by date.

The Gangs...

These gangs have a real “chip” on their shoulder, they’re not “grate” at working together, and they’re “soup-er” suspicious of each other...

Spud Nicks 🥔

Spud Nicks gang Plant-Based Riot

The Spud-Nicks are a gang of communist cosmonauts. They’ve been in zero gravity so long it’s turned their minds into mash. And now they think everything pointy is a rocket. That’s bad news for the Carr-ate Kids, who keep getting kidnapped and blasted into orbit 🚀.

Carr-ate Kids 🥕

Carr-ate Kids gang Plant-Based Riot

The Carr-ate Kids are masters of the ancient art of carr-ate. They like nothing more than to drop the Spud-Nicks like hot potatoes, and chop, slice and dice them into French fries 🍟. It’s an act of aggression that’s brought the two gangs headlong into a collision course…

Tommy Splats 🍅

Tommy Splats gang Plant-Based Riot

The Tommy Splats are a sun-ripened crime syndicate that’s not afraid to whack anyone that messes with their business. Family is everything to these wise guys. And if the Tear Jerkers try to “ketchup” with them, they’re gonna end up sleeping with the fishes 🐟🐟. Capiche?!

Tear Jerkers 🧅

Tear Jerkers gang Plant-Based Riot

The Tear Jerkers 😢 are a street-miming street gang that wants to squash the Tommy Splats like they’re making mama’s sweet marinara sauce. Who will win this power struggle? It’s a tale of violence and brutality that’s got more layers than… well, you know.

Egg-spendables 🍆

Egg-spandables gang Plant-Based Riot

The Egg-spendables are a gang of anarchist aubergines that love to cause chaos. They’re bringing down a purple rain of destruction to create a new world order. Only their arch enemies, The Kernels, stand in their way. But the ‘Spendables are planning to turn them into corn chowder 🥣!

The Kernels 🌽

The Kernels gang Plant-Based Riot

Why call the cops when you can call the “cobs”?! The Kernels are all about restoring law and order. These angry old patriots 🎖️ might look like they’re past their use-by date, but they’re about to shock the Egg-spendables with an a-maize-ing beat down that defies their age.

Broccoli Brutes 🥦

Broccoli Brutes gang Plant-Based Riot

The Broccoli Brutes are a gang of gym-loving jocks 💪. Naturally, geeks are their enemy, which is bad news for the Shroom of Doom. And this battle is not just a case of brains vs. brawn: the Brutes think the Shrooms stole their look, and they’re not about to forgive and “floret” over that offence.

Shroom of Doom 🍄

Shroom of Doom gang Plant-Based Riot

The Shroom of Doom is a band of mad scientists with a single agenda: revenge. Forced to hide away in the darkness by the bullying Broccoli Brutes, these geeks 🤓 have been secretly plotting serious retribution for all those noogies, atomic wedgies, and wet willies.

Beet Boxers

Beet Boxers gang Plant-Based Riot

The Beet Boxers are a super heavyweight gang of KO specialists 👊. These thugs will deliver a left hook, right hook and an uppercut to any sucker that stands in their way. Those tree-hugging Hip-Peas have been giving them beef, and now they’re cruising for a serious bruising.


Hip-Peas gang Plant-Based Riot

The Hip-Peas are all about peas and love, mannn . Don’t be misled by their peas-ful protests, though. This mean green machine wants to drive the Beet Boxers back underground. As far as they’re concerned, those heavyweight goons are the root of all evil.

Guac Attack 🥑

Guac Attack gang Plant-Based Riot

Guac Attack are a renegade gang of rogues; they're rebels without a cause. What's more, they've got a serious "stone" to pick with the Capsi Crew - those seedy sea dogs keep chopping their heads off and using them for cannonballs. This battle is about to get real fruity...

Capsi Crew 🫑

Capsi Crew gang Plant-Based Riot

The Capsi Crew are a wretched posse of scum and villains. Years at sea have forged the Crew into one of the toughest gangs there is. And now on shore leave, they're beefing on the Guac 'cause they keep using their severed body parts to make bows. 

The Thieves...

Bad Apples 🍎

Bad Apples thief cards Plant-Based Riot

These low down dirty thieves are rotten to the core. They've come straight outta the garbage and they'll screw over anyone to get what they want. When it comes to the crunch, these guys are only in it for themselves. 

Cherry Pickers 🍒

Cherry Pickers thief cards Plant-Based Riot

The Cherry Pickers are all about using beauty and persuasion to lie, cheat and above all, steal. They've got all sorts of routines in their repertoire, all designed to relive people of their valuables. They're a double act that's smart enough to steal from anyone, no matter how tough.

Peachy Bruiser 🍑

Peachy Bruiser thief card Plant-Based Riot

Peaches are known for bruising easily. And that's exactly what the Peachy Bruiser does. Only she bruises others easily. She's tough enough to beat anyone- no matter how big or ugly - black and blue, and make them wish they'd never picked on a girl.

Top Bananas 🍌🍌

Top Banana thief cards Plant-Based Riot

What's slipperier than one banana? That's right: two bananas. These guys will take what you got by force. You better keep your eyes peeled for protection, otherwise you'll be swiped clean before you can spell banana backwards three times fast...

The Security...

Pear-tection 🍐

Pear-tection security cards Plant-Based Riot

Pear-tection are a pair of goons for hire. Loyalty means nothing to them - they make their money working for the highest bidder. But don’t let that put you off; these bottom-heavy bullies are pre-pear-ed for anything. Unless you ask them to look after a full gang, that is. That ain’t part of the service.

Water-felon 🍉

Water-felon security card Plant-Based Riot

The Water-felon has come straight outta the joint and turned back to crime. This big guy is all about the big time protection racket. Assemble a full gang, and this round rough neck will get in the way of any punk who tries to rob them.

Punk-apple 🍍

Punk-apple block card Plant-Based Riot

As far as these these punks are concerned, this criminal underworld of terrible edibles is only big enough for one type of apple - and it ain't the type you go bobbing for, you with me?? Oh, and one other thing... don't you dare mess up his hair, 'cause he'll take chunks outta ya. 


The Hitman...

Mr. Pickle 🥒

Mr. Pickle hitman card Plant-Based Riot

Mr. Pickle might have a name that rhymes with tickle, but there ain't nothing funny about this tough guy. He's the real "dill". He's sour at those guys running protection for the gangs because it used to be his racket. So he's out to make those "brineless" suckers pay.

The Snitch...

Sneaky Leeky 

Sneaky Leeky snitch card Plant-Based Riot

This guy is a snitch, a real dirty rat. He's a real blabbermouth that'll tell you whatever you want to know. You better not repeat what Sneaky Leeky tells you though, cos your rivals are likely to fit you for a slick pair of cement shoes. You get me??!

The Interrogator...

Lemon Squeezer 🍋

Lemon Squeezer interrogator card Plant-Based Riot

Unlike the Sneaky Leeky, who lurks in the shadows to gather information, the Lemon Squeezer extracts it through force. Once he gets you in his chair, he'll have you singing like a canary. To this thick-skinned bully, any juice is worth the squeeze. 


The Cartel

Cartel card Plant-Based Riot

Little is known about this shadowy organisation. But they’ve run the criminal racket for longer than anyone can remember; a change in management is long overdue.

Someone in their crew has betrayed them. They’re prepared to blab about the gangs in the criminal underworld that can forge an alliance to overthrow them. And right at the start of the riot, they tell you the name of one of the gangs before they get cold feet and scarper.

The only way you can find out the rest of the information you need in order to assemble the gangs that are gonna topple this ruthless mob is to utilise the services of the Lemon Squeezer or Sneaky Leeky, or start a Turf War with them. It’s your call...

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