Plant-Based Riot is live!

Our Kickstarter debut is open for pledges!

It’s been 18 months in the making. The fruits of our lockdown labours. In many ways, it’s a project that gave us a collective focus and sense of purpose during those difficult days of 2020. And now the day has finally arrived to let it loose on the world.

As of 1pm GMT today, Plant-Based Riot will be live on Kickstarter. It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work from the team, but it certainly isn’t where the hard work ends. In order to get the game into production, we need to run a successful funding campaign.

Our funding goal is set at £6,000, which will cover the cost of a 3000-unit production run and shipping. So for the next 35 days, we’ll be promoting our campaign and engaging with potential backers to help us reach this target.

What we’re asking for... 

  • Your engagement in helping us make the best possible version of Plant-Based Riot: we’ll be doing this through feedback, playesting and a series of stretch goals that we’ve designed.
  • And for your generosity in making a pledge to help us reach that funding goal. In return for this, you’ll be getting a copy of the game, of course!

Who is Plant-Based Riot for?

Plant-Based Riot is for everyone: it’s incredibly fun for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Families who are fans of fun, fluid card games that involve bluffing, stealing and screwing people over will feel right at home with this game.

Collect & conquer: it’s the aim of the game.

Plant-Based Riot is a light strategy, set collecting, card matching tabletop card game for 2-5 players. First you’ve gotta work out what villainous vegetable gangs you’ve got to collect. After that, it’s all about assembling those gangs whilst simultaneously screwing over your opponents – you do that by stealing from them using action cards.

Once you’ve got your veggie gangs, you can start a turf war with the Cartel – that’s where you find out if you’ve collected the right gangs. If you have, you win! It’s a fun, fluid family game that’s ideal for gatherings, game nights and parties.

It’s adaptable to all experience levels - from beginners to veterans - and age groups from 8 to 88. It’s also scalable, so the experience is just as riotous whether you’re playing one-on-one or a 5-way battle royale.

Plant-Based Riot is relatively easy to learn and there’s loads of player interaction. The ebb and flow gives it a similar feel to the Mario Kart dynamic. Which, again, is something that enables younger players or beginners to duke it out with experienced veterans.

And that was our ultimate goal: to bring all types of gamers to the table and allow them to compete on a level playing field, with the hope of putting more people onto gaming. We wanted to create something that would replace electronic distractions with face-to-face interactions.

What else is happening in the campaign?

Tomorrow, we’ll be hosting a playtesting session at Draughts games café in Waterloo from 5pm onwards. We’ll be looking to engage with the venue’s patrons and tap into their combined ocean of tabletop gaming knowledge. If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, come on down tomorrow and take part.

We’ll also be taking the campaign on the road and showcasing it at the UK Games Expo, this weekend. Again, we’ll be playtesting and collecting feedback on all aspects of the game. And… all pledges collected in person at the Expo will be rewarded with a FREE gift!

What are people saying about Plant-Based Riot?

So far, we’ve had some pretty generous reviews about the game. We’re really proud to have got it in the hands of some of our favourite influencers so they could take it for a spin and provide us with their invaluable insights. Here’s what they’ve had to say…

"The game is super cute, plays well and is all around a fun time!" - Krissy Hay, Two Sheep One Wheat

“...a wonderful light and fun game that players of all ages and intensity levels could love.” - Matt Halvorson, Board Game Halv

"'In the Criminal Underworld of villainous vegetables' might be my favorite setting description I've seen all year." - Jake Michels, Good Time Society

How can you get involved?

Backing Plant-Based Riot is simple. All you need to do is create an account with Kickstarter. You can do this with your email, Facebook or Apple Wallet. Remember to check your email after, as you’re likely to have to verify your email to complete the registration.

This will allow you to pledge support via our campaign page. We’ve got several pledge tier levels, ranging from the £20 Standard Edition, up to the top level Godfather Edition at £199. Head over to the page via the link to find out more.

Once the campaign has ended, you’ll get an email from our pledge manager. This is a company we’ve partnered with to make the process of managing your pledge as easy and seamless as possible. They’ll ask for your shipping information and which rewards you want, and then it’s over to us to get the game made and sent out to you.

During the process of getting the cards printed and the packaging made, we’ll keep you fully updated until the day we send the finished game directly to your door. But, as ever, whilst all this is happening, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

And that’s it. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting Plant-Based Riot. We really can’t wait to take this journey with you.

All the Best,

Courtney, Roberto and Matt.

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