Plant Life Support - Married at First Sight Australia

The cultural exchange giving both nations life in 2021

It’s the most unlikely cultural exchange of 2021. The Australians get our Plant Life Support self-waterer, and we get Married at First Sight Australia - it’s a pretty fair deal. And since Mail Online Australia has reviewed our Plant Life Support, we only think it’s fair we do the same for MAFS.

Here at Bubblegum Stuff HQ, we love iconic telly. More than that, we love iconic telly that provides us with timeless moments, memories and memes that we’ll go back to time and again for some retro laughs. From the “You ain’t my mother!”/”Yes I am!” moment between Kat and Zoe Slater on EastEnders, to basically anything Gemma Collins has ever done in front of a camera, British TV has supplied us with some solid gold down the years. But in recent weeks, nothing has had us talking like Married at First Sight Australia.

Originally aired in 2018, MAFS Australia season 6 didn’t gain much traction in the northern hemisphere until the turn of 2021, when it profited from a UK audience that found itself shut away during a damp and dreary January. You were gripped - so were we. And from then until the show’s finale on 1st March, we haven’t talked about much else in the office.

There was *spoiler alert* Susie and Billy’s beach argument over sweetener. There was *spoiler alert* Dan and Jessika’s affair. And then there was *mega spoiler alert* Ines being… well Ines, and her affair with Sam. All are surely up there in terms of truly iconic Aussie TV moments. They could even rival Harold Bishop’s legendary exit from Neighbours in 1992 (he gets washed off a rock leaving nothing but his glasses and his wife Madge shouting his name - you know that's epic TV!).

Like with all great storylines, we were left wanting more. What happened to the married couples when the season ended? Well, we won’t be the first to report that only two of the original 12 couples are still together: Martha and Michael and Jules and Cam. The latter couple have gone on to get married for real; they’ve even had a baby! (Harold Bishop later returned to Neighbours, suffering from amnesia, FYI.)

Australia treated us to a TV show that was dramatic, iconic and 2021’s equivalent of Tiger King. So, in exchange, it only seems right they got something of equal value: enter Plant Life Support. Our genius little self-watering system for houseplants has been described as a “worthy investment”, “game changer”, “brilliant idea” and “perfect solution” by satisfied customers Down Under. In fact, the Aussies are so delighted with this Plant Life Support, Mail Online Australia's Femail section have reviewed it.

They love that it solves the problem of overwatering - the single biggest killer of houseplants the world over - and that it can keep a plant watered whilst you’re away (not that that’s been a problem over the past 12 months!). They dubbed the automatic plant waterer as “the perfect solution for keeping houseplants alive”, and quoted one Facebook user as saying, “All jokes aside. I need this in my life.” Well, it’s funny you should say that, anonymous Australian, because that’s exactly how we felt about Married at First Sight.

Since we loved watching MAFS so much, we’re chuffed to learn that we could offer our Commonwealth cousins something in return. You can pick up one of these smart houseplant care kits from our website - we ship worldwide. But if you are an antipodean, you can also head over to Mighty Ape to get your hands on one.

Additionally, if you are a cast member of MAFS Australia season 6, or the actor who played Harold Bishop in Neighbours, get in touch and we might even consider letting you have one for free…

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