Emojis not to send to your mum 👀

1.     The Eggplant 🍆

This may seem like a simple illustration of an eggplant. Well with some imagination, this bulbous purple vegetable with green stem has come to represent a certain part of the male anatomy. Fun fact- this emoji was once banned from Instagram Search because of it’s questionable content. This led to the #FreeTheEggplant campaign.

2.     Sweat Droplets 💦

We’re sure this was designed for people talking about their successful gym sessions. But some now use it to depict ‘sexual fluids’. So please don’t send this to your Mum. Or anyone in the family for that matter

3.     Peach 🍑

A simple round orange peach? This is a more obvious innuendo earning the nickname ‘butt emoji’. Used in context: “#🍑 poppin’” 

4.     Tongue 👅

Your Mum might see this as a childish response to a joke at your expense, sticking out your tongue. If only it was that innocent… Maybe it’ll be easier to show in context. “Can’t wait to see you tomorrow 👅” 

5.     Fire 🔥

This symbolises someone looking sexy. This emoji is a little less likely to come in conversations with your Mum, we hope…

So these are the worst 5 emojis to send to your Mum. They may be innocent but to those in the know, these emoticons could be get a little awkward if sent to the wrong person. The innuendos may be lost on your Mum (hopefully) but best keep them out of family texts just to be safe. On second thought, maybe keep your pack of ‘Name the Emoji- X Rated’ game in your room on Boxing Day…

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