The Only Plant Self-Waterer You Will Ever Need

A medical-themed automatic watering system for indoor plants and forgetful plant parents

Plant Life Support™, our smart plant self-waterer, is taking the home horticultural world by storm. From the UK to the US, and Canada to Australia, this drip irrigation system is keeping plants alive despite the worst efforts from their forgetful parents.

Plant Life Support plant self waterer product and packaging

Our best-selling product by far, this innovative automatic watering system for indoor plants has been featured by Mail Online and This Morning, and its popularity is still growing. But why do people like it so much?

Well, we all know the feeling… You come home to find your parlour palm lifeless and limp, soil as dry as the Gobi Desert – it’s devastating. But it doesn’t have to be that way... Plant Life Support is a self-waterer that will sustain your indoor plants when you’re not around.

Plant life support drip irrigation system valve

Simply fill the IV-style bag with water and assemble it in your plant pot per the instructions on the packaging. Having adjusted the valve to your desired water flow rate, this automatic drip irrigation system will do the rest. 

No longer do you have to "leaf" your plants in the murderous hands of a friend or relative whilst you’re away on that dream trip. You can allow Plant Life Support to drip-feed everything your plant needs for the duration of your vacation. Peace of mind: it’s the "root" of all happiness.

Plant life support assembled in pot
Plant Life Support is also available in a mini version. And both are available directly from the Bubblegum Stuff website.

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