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Christmas is finally upon us. And this means two things: this b****** of a year is nearly over; and it’s time for funny Secret Santa gifts! ‘Tis the season to be jolly here at Bubblegum Stuff, because we love Secret Santa banter season even more than Christmas itself!

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 best Secret Santa gift ideas in celebration of our favourite time of year. It just so happens they’re all designed and made by Bubblegum Stuff. But that’s purely a coincidence - there’s no Eurovision-style judging going on here. Some gifts are ideal for him, or for her; some are under £10; some are rude; some are crude; and some are even suitable for your boss!

So, here are our best Secret Santa gifts and games for Christmas 2020… 


Secret Santa is all about novelty gifts. But this decider dice set has its practical uses, too. Roll the dice and let the Netflix navigational instructions decide what you watch. Simples. It’s the perfect gift for your mate (or partner) who’s Netflix and chill nights in are always ruined by tedious scrollathons and arguments over which kooky Nick Cage movie to watch. And, at less than a tenner, it’s cheaper than buying them relationship counselling!

Cat Selfie

Looking for a Secret Santa gift for a cat lover? Whether it’s a colleague, friend or relative, cat lovers enjoy one thing more than any other - taking selfies with their furry little feline friends. The Cat Selfie clips onto any smartphone, allowing for near handsfree snapping. Plus the bell will grab kitty’s attention, allowing for purr-fect selfies every time. It’s revolutionised cat Instagrams the world over.

Plant Name Badges

Cats aren't the only ones getting pampered in 2020. Green-fingered plant parents have been filling their time - and their houses - with plant-based products. Plant Name Badges are an ideal Secret Santa gift for a gardener that wants to name their leafy little family. They’re reusable and they’re made from 100% recycled plastic. Meaning your eco-loving friend will have more than one reason to be cheerful this Christmas. 

Exotic Coloring Book

The Exotic Coloring Book combines two things that got us through lockdown: Tiger King and colouring (there was also the booze, but we’d rather not mention that!). This colouring book for adults contains 20 iconic scenes from the hit Netflix series. We’ve packed big cats, bigger egos and even that b**** Carole Baskin into this one. It’ll make a claw-some Secret Santa gift for any Tiger King fan.

Fake News Sound Button

You might remember this year also saw a close-fought American presidential election, won only narrowly by Joe Biden. Donald Trump has said it’s fake news, and it’s that signature catchphrase that’ll live longest in the memory. The Fake News Sound Button is the ideal Secret Santa gift for that conspiracy theorist colleague who believes the election was rigged, NASA staged the moon landing and Bill Gates is a lizard.

Boris News Game

Speaking of lizards, the Boris News Game is a true or false trivia game based on the hilariously questionable quotes of the UK prime minister. We scoured Boris Johnson’s Twitter and numerous other sources to present players with the task of separating the true quotes from the fake news. Or the outrageously silly quotes… from the fake news. This is an ideal Secret Santa gift for that friend or colleague who loves to talk politics.

All the Beer, No Idea

Pulled out a beer geek from the Secret Santa hat but don’t want to waste ‘beer money’ on them? Well, look no further than All the Beer, No Idea. This ‘beers of the world’ picture quiz will keep even the most knowledgeable boozehound busy into the new year. It’s a good one for those that love to play card games when drinking (students, obvs.). And with six additional gameplays, it’s like seven gifts in one. That’s 14 gifts if you’ve had a few too many...


Ready, set, GOAT! This is the super speedy card game for sports fans. Based on the acronym, GOAT, meaning the Greatest Of All Time, this game is a celebration of sporting legends. It’s all about collecting a set from a sporting category and being the first to grab a trophy from the middle - if you’re not first, you’re last. This is a fantastic Secret Santa gift for impatient people that are also uber competitive.

Girl Power

Another one based on the spoons card game, Girl Power is a celebration of female achievement. Collect a set of iconic ladies - from activism, TV, music and more - and be the first to snatch a female pioneer from the middle. Buy this as an inspiring Secret Santa gift for an aspiring feminist this festive season. That doesn’t mean it’s just a game for girls, of course. Because men can be feminists, too… 


If your Secret Santa subject loves funny games that border on the obscene, this has to be the best choice. JOMO is a party game that’s based on giving the funniest, rudest or crudest excuses to get out of life’s most mundane moments. Get it for an ADULT friend, relative or colleague. If said recipient starts to actually use any of these excuses IRL though, they’re likely to land themselves in deep s***. Because they range from the rude to the catastrophically offensive.

Not content with our top 10? Or still got stockings to fill? Then head over to our All Products page to take a look at our full range. 

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