Our 11 Most Favourite Influencers For Games Reviews

If you’re looking for definitive games reviews, we’ve got you covered...

If, like us, you’re obsessed with gaming content, you probably spend way too many hours scouring the internet to satisfy your cravings, reading miles upon miles, or watching hours upon hours of board games reviews.

There are not just reviews, though. That’s just the beginning. There are previews, unboxings, first looks, quick plays, how-to plays, playthroughs, live playthroughs, should you back Kickstarters - it’s a rabbit hole of information, instructions, advice, and opinions.

Rabbit reading a book

It’s enough to keep you entertained for a portion of your week that’s probably less than practical - if you wanna get anything else done, that is.

We’ve even been known to miss the social events in favour of catching up on the latest developments with The Witcher Kickstarter campaign. Will they unlock the last stretch goal for the highly coveted monster pack??! 🤞

We’ve also been known to get swept up in hysteria around the latest engine-building board game from Stonemaier Games. And we’ve spent more time debating the best way to play Uno - the fun way or the proper way - than we’d care to admit.

But enough about us and our hobbies. We’re here to talk about other people. And more specifically, about the people that feed our insatiable thirst to talk about - or listen to others talk about - games when we’re not actually playing them.

The influencers on our list are as geographically diverse as their approach to creating content. There’s a newcomer from Canada with a fast-growing audience. There’s a long-established retailer that shares its expertise through its blog. And there’s a whole family in the US that shares in our endless quest for interactive card-and-board-based fun.

Whatever your preferred platform, whether it’s YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or WordPress, you’ll find at least one you’ll love. But we recommend following them all. Because not only are they great sources of valuable information, they’re just fantastic people.

So let’s dive in, shall we?

Two Sheep One Wheat

Two Sheep One Wheat aka Krissy joined YouTube in January and she’s quickly grown to nearly 800 subscribers. The name for the channel is taken from Catan, and it covers just about every genre through overviews, reviews, watch us plays and more.

We’re sad none of our games made it into her Top 10 Board Games of all Time - but then again that might be because we’ve never made a board game?! 😕

We’re huge fans of Two Sheep One Wheat because of the production values. Krissy has created a distinctive brand underpinned by high-quality vids. She’s also a very knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic gamer, which is incredibly infectious when you’re watching her channel.


Belgian blogger and Insta influencer Tabletopping is a fantastic source of gaming information. Through Wouter’s (his name is Wouter btw) Instagram page and website, Tabletopping covers all genres with detailed reviews and eye-catching photography. His review of Buurn led to us backing it on Kickstarter earlier in the year.



Tabletopping is a great place to catch clear and concise reviews and general content that doesn’t take forever to read. They’ll help you make your mind up about a game without you having to give over too much time to read the fluff about why the creator decided to make it or why they decided to use spot UV colouring for the box… 😴.

They also run regular giveaways. And we all love free games, don’t we!

Small Fries Games

Small Fries are a UK-based content and games creator. They’ve got an incredible creative Instagram, with some pretty spectacular food art. Further to that, they review games and even make their own.



We particularly enjoyed their review of the heavily strategic, card-driven, retro-style board game Food Chain Magnate. Are you sensing the running food theme here? It’s what made Small Fries a great fit for reviewing Plant-Based Riot. Thanks, Small Fries!

Board Game Halv

Not only is Board Game Halv present on just about every social media platform, but they’ve got a pretty slick website, too. It’s well-designed, easy to navigate, and it contains long lists of just about every game you could ever want to buy and play.

Being a company that makes party games, we return to Board Game Halv’s list of 20 Best 7 Player Board Games fairly frequently when looking to pick up new games for “research” purposes.

Editor Matt Halvorson definitely knows his way around board games. We reckon Sushi Go Party should’ve been number one on your list, though, Matt!

Meeple University

Meeple University aka Stella and Tarrant are hugely passionate gamers from Australia. They’re all about educating and entertaining through their YouTube channel, and you really get a sense they’re doing what they love. And that’s the dream, isn’t it?

We especially enjoy it when Stella dons the outfit of a character from the game when presenting her Stella’s Short and Sweet videos. Look out for her killer tache on this review for Rescuing Robin Hood!

The Board Game Family

When we decided to make a tabletop party game for families, we read through tons of reviews from The Board Game Family for inspiration. So guys, if you’re reading this, thanks a bunch for your wise words on games.

Something else we love about The Board Game Family is their comprehensive meeple-based rating system, and that you get opinions from the perspective of all family members. This means you get a good idea of what kids of all different ages as well as adults think of the games.

Good Time Society

Good Time Society does exactly what it says on the tin. These guys create highly energetic and entertaining board game tutorials, reviews, nerdy podcasts, comedy sketches, and more. They’re also pretty well-connected in the business, it seems. So they’ve always got plenty of guests on to provide opinions, too.

Here they are playing Terraforming Mars...

When it comes to keeping up with the latest Kickstarters, look no further than Becca and Ruel’s Good Lookin’ Kickstarters. Not only are they fun to watch, but they keep you current on what’s hot on KS right now.

1 Minute Board Games

When we first came across 1 Minute Board Games we couldn’t believe the number of followers they’ve got on TikTok. It’s pretty incredible. Phil and Raina are all about creating daily bite-sized board game content. It’s pretty amazing how good they are at explaining a game in such a short space of time.



Available on Kickstarter at 🥦tinyurl.com/PlantBasedGame🍆 ##boardgames ##gamenight ##tabletop ##familygamenight ##LearnHow ##tutorial ##ad

♬ thankful - Coldbrew


They’ve even provided a learn to play video for a game we don’t mention enough on here… *ahem*... Plant-Based Riot. Thanks for your words, Raina. We’re big fans of their Doomlings vid, too. Although, it does help that the game is pretty sick.

Tabletop Gaming

Tabletop Gaming is a UK-based gaming magazine. If it’s a game worth playing, it’ll be featured online or on the pages of their monthly mag. They cover the lot - from mainstream to geek games. Plus, they’re pretty up to date with current affairs, so you’re unlikely to miss out on the latest launch news - hands up who’s excited for Super Truffle Pigs…! 🙋

Tabletop is definitely an authority when it comes to reviews and opinions on all things gaming. Their words on Red Rising have definitely got us excited to get our hands on that particular tabletop adventure.

The Board Games Player

Jan from The Board Game Player is a board games addict from Denmark. He posts daily photos and reviews on board games and card games from multiple genres. You can see the passion Jan has for this gig. And that’s reflected in the number of followers he’s got on Instagram.

His reviews are short and sweet - exactly what you want from Insta reviews! We like his review on the funky-looking Wavelength. Jan also runs regular giveaways, meaning if you follow you’ll get the chance to get your hands on some free stuff.




Zatu is an online retail goliath. It’s a place where you can pick up basically every game known to man. They’ve also got a pretty handy pre-order calendar to help you keep on top of what’s coming out and when you’re gonna get it. And an outlet, where you can pick up games at a discounted price.

Their blog is where they do reviews. And when you start to read through one of them, like the Overboss review, for example, you’ll realise these guys ain’t messing around. They mean business. There are no summary reviews here - it’s a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of the game and you won’t be coming up for air.


These are our favourite gaming content creators. Check them out. You won’t regret it.

Our list is far from finished, though. We’re discovering new peeps all the time. So, if you follow someone that you’d like to tell us about, or you think we’ve missed an obvious titan of content off our list, we’re all ears.

Give us a shout on Instagram or comment below, and we’ll check them out. This is a democracy, after all!

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