We’re Attending the UK Games Expo 2022

Come and see us, say hello, and take our brand new game on Kickstarter for a spin!

The UK Games Expo is the largest hobby games convention in the UK. No other UK games convention has the same level of reach, attendance and significance. And we’re totally stoked to be there at this year’s restriction-free event to showcase our new board game Death By Coconuts.

uk games expo 2022

If you don’t already know, the UKGE runs from 3rd-5th June at Birmingham’s NEC. This year, in contrast to the 2021 event, will be fully open and restriction-free, meaning a bigger attendance by gamers and developers alike.

Death By Coconuts

We’ll be there in full force to showcase our entire range. But most importantly, to introduce you to our new board game on Kickstarter, Death By Coconuts. Our death stats betting race of risk and reward challenges you to beat your friends across Purgatory Island to Eternal Paradise by betting on the most deadly causes of death.

Game on kickstarter - Death By Coconuts

You’ve gotta navigate lethal lakes and lava flows – you know, the usual features of a deserted tropical island – and your opponents’ attempts to screw you over. Only the first to the finish gets into Eternal Paradise… That person is crowned the winner!

We’ve turned to Kickstarter again since our inaugural success with Plant-Based Riot last year. Using Kickstarter for board games has become pretty common in the industry – especially when it comes to huge heavyweight strategy games.

We took the decision to crowdfund with the Kickstarter community as it’s our first-ever board game. So we’re looking for that incredible community engagement from gaming experts that was so instrumental in getting Plant-Based Riot made last year.

We’ll be playtesting with prototypes of Death By Coconuts all weekend. So come and get involved. We’ll also be taking Kickstarter pledges in person. It’s the only place you can play before you pledge this jubilee weekend.

What are the influencers saying?

Death By Coconuts launched yesterday and in the run-up to the campaign we’ve received some fantastic feedback and reviews from industry experts. You can read in detail about the creative process behind the game in both these interviews with the wonderful Matt Halvorson at Board Game Halv and the always witty Deej Johnson at Mojo Nation.

Additionally, for a more detailed run-through of how the game plays, check out the previews from the fantastic Krissy at Two Sheep, One Wheat and the brilliant Selwyn at Board’s Eye View. Thanks for covering the game, guys – we really appreciate your kind words!

Playtesting at Loading Bar’s Tabletop Tuesday Event

Last night we had the pleasure of playtesting at Loading Bar in Stoke Newington, east London. It was the first time we’d properly taken the game on the road to meet the public. And what a great time we had; there was some brilliant feedback and helpful input from the incredible gamers we met.

Loading bar board games in london cafe with board games

If you don’t already know, Loading Bar is a bar that serves craft beer, cocktails and great food along with a great selection of games. This isn’t just a cafe with board games, it’s one of the best places to play board games in London.

And the Tabletop Tuesday event, which has recently restarted since the pandemic, is attended by a real passionate and lively group. The reception they gave us was brilliant. Tim from Big Red Barrel, who organised the event, even gave us an idea that could make it into the final game. We won’t forget to give you that developer’s credit, Tim!

Thanks to Tim and Jimmy at Loading Bar for inviting us down. We’ll be back, for sure.

So, to bring it back around, if you want to playtest with us at the UK Games Expo 2022, we’ll be at stand 1-630. If you think you’ve got a good knowledge of death stats, come and challenge us! There's an extra little something in it for you if you back us on the day, too.

And if you can’t make it, you can still back Death By Coconuts. In fact, there’s no better time. The early bird pledge has 24 hours remaining. So if you back today, you’ll get a copy of the game for £20 instead of the usual reward price of £25.

So what are you waiting for??

All the best,

Matt and the rest of the Bubblegum Stuff team.

kickstarter for board games Death By Coconuts

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