What is a Hun? What is Hun Culture? And What is UK Huns?

So many questions, so little time – but we’ve got the definition of hun, a brief explanation of hun culture, and a card game that celebrates it all!

Hun, short for “hunni”, née “honey” has been in the national lexicon for a long time now. But in the last couple of years, it’s evolved from a simple term of endearment into a whole culture; an entire way of life.

What is a Hun?

Specifically, a hun, as described by the Daily Mail, “means an unashamed, unironic love for reality TV, appreciating 'jeans and a nice top' and sipping on gin while you're Friday night takeaway is ordered.”

It’s about being yourself, even if that means being a bit ordinary, and not apologising for it – but celebrating it!

Natalie Cassidy aka Sonia from EastEnders


What is hun culture?

You’re probably aware of the existence of this culture, even if you don’t know exactly what it entails. And you’re not alone... the exact definition of hun culture is difficult to pin down without using comparisons and examples. GQ compares it to the lad culture of the 1990s, only instead of being for straight men, it’s for women and gays.

The key difference, though, is in its proliferation. In the modern day, with social media and the ability to watch and rewatch iconic TV moments on YouTube, huns have got more access to in-jokes, memes and cultural activities. (The hun brunch is an example of where you can do all three in person while getting sloshed.) And hun lovers have got a far deeper pool of cultural items and experiences to bond over when compared with the lads of the 90s.

Loose Women logo
It’s about sipping Echo Falls in front of Loose Women (on ITV+1, obvs). It’s about Gemma Collins falling through the stage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards. It’s about Gemma Collins losing it in the CBB house… It’s about just about anything Gemma Collins has ever said or done! It’s about Alison Hammond knocking the sailor into the water on This Morning. And it’s about listening to “U K Hun” on repeat (the Tayce, Bimini, Awhora and Lawrence version, obvs).

It’s about shunning Hollywood A-listers in favour of ordinary celebrities on account of their relatability. As Vice says, “it’s diva worship for millennials sick of having glossily groomed girlbosses and gym-fit Insta models shoved down their throats.”

An equally important part of the hun furniture are the social media accounts like Love of Huns and Hunsnet. With hun memes, references and merch on the daily, we can get our hun fix whenever we need it.

The aforementioned hun brunch has also provided hun fans with a forum to meet and, as GQ puts it, “celebrate their most basic desires – booze, food and emotions – all packaged in a self-aware, British way.” 🇬🇧

What is UK Huns?

This growing culture and the fun and joy it’s brought to post-covid Britain has inspired us to create UK Huns – a card game that features and celebrates the queens of the movement.

UK Huns card game packaging

In this homage to hun culture, we’ve scored the most #Iconic laydehs in Britain across five categories – fashun, iconique, drama, relatability and naughtiness – and it’s up to you to battle it out trumps-style to be the first to win them all.

We’ve included all our favourites, from Katie Price to Kat Slater and Gemma Collins to Nigella Lawson – to us they’re all royalty. And that’s why we created UK Huns… Each round, the player to go first reads the name of the top hun in their hand, a category and their score.

UK Huns game cards

Then one by one the other players do the same. The player holding the hun with the highest score wins… They collect all the losing cards from that round. Play continues until there’s one player left. That person should have all 55 huns in their hand.

As you can see, UK Huns is as simple as it is chic. What’s more, it’s a conversation starter as well as a game. Players will love the beautifully crafted images, bios and quotes for each hun. And they’ll love discussing and debating the scores while they’re raving and misbehaving. 👯‍♀️

UK Huns game cards

UK huns is the ideal companion for a bottomless brunch. It’s perfect for people that live for Ainsley’s “Why hello, Jill!”, CBB’s “David’s dead!” or Alexandra’s “Elephant in the room”. And it’s a great gift for any stag or hen that loves a pornstar (Martini). 😉 

There’s simply no other game out there that captures the unbridled and unpretentious holibobbing fun of hun culture in the UK.

Grab your copy today and let the HUNger games begin! 💅

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