Disco Ball Hanging Planter Lilac (6-inch)
Disco Ball Hanging Planter Lilac (6-inch)
Disco Ball Hanging Planter Lilac (6-inch)
Disco Ball Hanging Planter Lilac (6-inch)
Disco Ball Hanging Planter Lilac (6-inch)

Barcode: 5060343426481

Disco Ball Hanging Planter Lilac (6-inch)

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Transform your indoor garden into a boujee wonderland with the Disco Ball Hanging Planter: Lilac Edition 🪩 🪻 Ideal for a funky ficus or a disco in-fern-o, this ludicrously lovely lilac brings dancefloor glamour direct to your living room.

The latest addition to our Disco Ball Hanging Planter range, Lilac Edition is perfect for green-thumbed plant parents who simply love lilac 👚

Just hang the planter in a suitable spot for your shrub, and it’ll have no trouble stayin' alive. 🌿 💃

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